woman cooking in copper pot

Sparkle & Shine | Collecting Vintage Copper

The French have a way of incorporating beauty into everyday tasks.  

When we’re visiting France and one of our friends invites us into her kitchen, and we see all the beautiful vintage copper pots, pans and vessels, we get a bit jealous.

Laurie Furber
morel mushrooms

A Conversation with Griffin Wilson

Griffin Wilson, also known as @cabincorn, is a special type of chef.  He's intimately acquainted with his ingredients and writes poetic odes to the mushroom and the radish.  

Laurie Furber
vintage silver

Our Entertaining Top Ten

What are the things you reach for over and over again when you're entertaining?  We'll go first.  
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roast chicken cannelle et vanille

A Conversation with Aran Goyoaga of Cannelle et Vanille

| image courtesy of aran goyoaga |

We sat down with Aran for a chat about food, entertaining, and her secrets to enjoying her own dinner parties. 

Laurie Furber
fall leaves on white linen

Relax | Our Guide to Enjoying Thanksgiving

On the runway to what is the ultimate entertaining holiday, we have a choice:  we can stress out or we can relax.  We choose relax.  

Laurie Furber
scribe wines

The Coolest Winery in Sonoma County | A Conversation with Scribe

There is something extra special about wine country in the fall, when the light is so golden and the vines start to change color. We are very loyal to Scribe Winery, one of our local favorites.  
Laurie Furber
dinner place setting


I feel like we have said this every year for the last few years:  Thanksgiving is bound to be a bit different this year.   But some things stay the same. It's an opportunity to pause and be grateful for what we have.  And it's an opportunity to share those things with the important people in our lives. 
Laurie Furber
black tapers

Don't Arrive Empty Handed | Our Guide to Hostess Gifts

Never show up empty handed.  And always give your hosts something they can use after you've left. That's some good motherly advice.  
Laurie Furber
alex marshall dinnerware

Setting the Table | 6 Place Settings with our Classic Dinnerware

The white plate is the crisp white shirt of the entertaining arsenal. It's versatile, goes with everything, and never goes out of style.
Laurie Furber
wine on dinner table

Local Flavor | Our Locavore Dinner Party

When we were ready to throw a dinner party again after a bit of a break, we thought the perfect theme would be to focus entirely on what we could source from within 100 miles of San Francisco:  the food, the wine, the guests, the music.
Laurie Furber
Traditions | Summer of Aperitivo

Traditions | Summer of Aperitivo

| photography by andie furber |

Traditions have always been very important in my family. We love rituals and routines, especially in the summer. The long, lazy summer days are best punctuated by a consistent, relaxing ritual.

Andie Furber
When the Sun Crosses

When the Sun Crosses

The seasonal transition between winter and spring may be our favorite.  The vernal equinox occurs when the sun crosses the equator moving from the southern towards the northern hemisphere. Each day after the spring equinox, our days are filled with more light and feel seemingly longer.
Sepi Shokouh


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