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Laurie's List | A Pared Down Tabletop Edit

Having a well stocked pantry does not always mean having cupboards overflowing with options.  Usually just having the right things can create just as much magic as having many many things.  

Since I just moved into a much smaller place, I had the luxury of editing down my collection to my very favorites.  

alex marshall classic dinnerware

Classic Dinner Plates

The plates are large and simple.  All foods look pretty on these plates. I usually don't set my table with salad plates to keep things super simple. 

vintage french flatware

Vintage French Flatware

The patterns are gorgeous, and the pieces are heavy.  They're a luxury for every day and just fancy enough for entertaining. 

glamorous vintage glassware

Glamorous Vintage Glassware

A mix of vintage glass adds a bit of charm to the table, and gives the look of a collection that's been built over a lifetime.  I think it's charming.  And I like the small size of European wine glasses - I never have to go around at the end of the night emptying half finished glasses of wine.  And sometimes I use a vintage glass on my cheese board for nuts, cornichons, or olives. 

Vintage Monogrammed Napkin

Simple White Napkins

I like our vintage French monogrammed napkins, but any white napkin will do.  I love the simplicity, and after dinner I just toss them in the washer with some hot water and some bleach alternative.

cheese board

My secret weapon to making my meal special:  I have a collection of vintage silver spoons and vintage wine coasters.  I use the wine coasters for small cheeses, or as appetizer or dessert plates. They're a fun surprise when your guests are expecting a small ceramic plate.  

french bread board

Vintage Bread Boards

I have one very large bread board and three smaller bread boards in my kitchen.  I often will serve my salad directly on the large board with some large French silver servers.  Another crowd pleaser.  


Laurie Furber