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Chasing Beauty | Life Lessons Found in the French Countryside

You may not know this about me:  for half my life I worked mostly for large companies with large inventories, large checkbooks, and sometimes I've sold things I wouldn't necessarily want to own. 
February 01, 2024 — Laurie Furber
Elsie's Eight | Valentine's Edition

Elsie's Eight | Valentine's Edition

Here at Elsie Green, we have cultivated a culture of extreme inspiration - good books, delicious recipes, photographs, films, and any and everything in between. 
January 28, 2024 — Kelsey Schmidt
Dabbling in Analog

Dabbling in Analog

image courtesy of Life Magazine | photograph by Nina Leen

I have embraced various digital innovations for years.  Many of them have given me instant access to information, communication with my favorite people, and tools that make me more efficient.  

January 06, 2024 — Laurie Furber
100 Things That Made My Year | 2023 Edition

100 Things That Made My Year | 2023 Edition

All the Elsie Green girls have been inspired by Austin Kleon's list of "100 Things That Made My Year (2022)" and we've started creating our own lists.  It's a simple, but effective exercise in finding the joy in the every day. 

Thank you Austin for the inspiration.  And thank you to all the people who made this a damn good year.  
December 31, 2023 — Laurie Furber
Embracing Trust

Embracing Trust

I love resolutions.  I always have.  The thought of having a fresh start on January first is an inspiration to me.  I can do anything I want, be anything I want, feel any way I want, as long as I set my intention, and follow through.
December 29, 2023 — Laurie Furber
A Date With Winter

A Date With Winter

| image courtesy of cultura colectiva |

One of the things I love about Winter is the forced slowness. You are given a few more opportunities to slow down and get cozy, catch up with loved ones or catch up on your reading list.

December 15, 2023 — Andie Furber
Vintage Holiday Tree

Notes on Tradition | Joyeux Noël

| image courtesy of @history.photography / photography by geof kern |

We are nothing if not sentimental. Each member of the Elsie Green family has their own set of traditions they have collected over the years, like the ornaments we have been collecting to adorn our homes. 

December 14, 2023 — Sarah Guenter
Simple Pleasures

Simple Pleasures

"Make it simple, but significant."  - Don Draper

Those words have always resonated with me.  Now more than ever because I only have six days in December when all three of my children will be in the same state. 

November 27, 2023 — Laurie Furber
pretty gift wrap

Gift Wrap Outside the Box

| image courtesy of jojotastic |

Recently, Michele, Kelsey, and I were talking about our Christmas plans on the packing table. Kelsey mentioned some new ideas she had for her gift wrap this year, and it got me inspired to step outside my comfort zone of butcher paper, newspaper, and twine this holiday season. Like I said, the Elsie Green ladies' flawless taste is everywhere - especially in the details. 

November 14, 2023 — Andie Furber
velvet chair with oil painting

India's Gift Edit

Each member of the Elsie Green team has beautiful taste, and each is an avid Elsie Green shopper.  Read on for India's 2023 gift edit of her favorites past and present. 
November 12, 2023 — Laurie Furber
neutral kitchen

Styling in the Kitchen

| image courtesy of domino |

Styling in the kitchen.

October 20, 2023 — Sepi Shokouh
woman writing in journal

When Time Stands Still

|image courtesy of British Vogue photograph by Peter Lindbergh|

There are certain times in my life when time stands still:  when I put my phone away and read, when I'm in a museum, when I'm having dinner with a friend,  when I'm cooking, when I'm writing a letter, any time I'm alone with my sister.

October 05, 2023 — Laurie Furber
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