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We're a small sustainable, family run company based in northern California.  We travel the world to bring you beautiful, mostly vintage things and a lot of inspiration for your home.

When we founded our company, we envisioned a small business with a human touch:  each beautiful item selected by hand, each order carefully packed by someone who cares, each call and email personally answered by someone who can help, and most of all, each customer treated like a dear friend.  And we were committed to giving a little back in the form of support to other small businesses like us, and donations to causes that tug at our heartstrings.

We believe that not making something new is the greenest thing of all, that a small business can make a big difference, that the human touch is a powerful thing, and that working side by side with your family is a really nice way to spend your day.  

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Occasionally we will earn a commission for products that we recommend on our blog.  Our opinions are always our own, and we never recommend a product or service we do not use ourselves.