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    the new heirlooms

    See what's new from our latest container fresh from France.

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    the new heirlooms

    If you'd like to see the collection in person, while still keeping your distance, schedule an appointment to shop our Concord shop.

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    the new heirlooms

    Vintage bread boards, silver plate flatware, copper. You choose. Let's start a new collection, shall we?

    shop the french kitchen
    elsie green irl

    elsie green irl

    We're developing some new ways to allow you to visit our shops while still keeping your distance, like shopping by appointment,  video tours, and curbside pickup. 

    We miss seeing your faces, but we're always excited to find new ways to delight you.  

    Book an appointment in our Concord shop >

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    Shop online for curbside pick up >

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    • August 10, 2020 Pretty Pantry
      Pretty Pantry Our own Kelsey has slowly, diligently been subtracting disposable packaging from her life.   It's not easy, but as zero waste gains momentum as a cultural trend, more options are available to replace disposable packaging with re-usable (and pretty) options.
    • August 10, 2020 Stylist Secrets | Installing a Gallery Wall
      Stylist Secrets | Installing a Gallery Wall Whether you collect vintage oil paintings, sketches, photographs or lithographs, it's always a bit intimidating to commit to an arrangement on your wall.  We've got a few fool-proof tips and tricks to help you get it right the first time. 
    • August 04, 2020 Fearless Mixing
      Fearless Mixing When I came across Architectural Digest's feature of Cordelia de Castellane's Eclectic Country home I was reminded that pattern-mixing doesn't have to feel chaotic and when done well can create an enchanting environment that will pique one's curiosity and interest.
    • August 03, 2020 Mood | Summer
      Mood | Summer A late summer mood board celebrating the waning months of the season.

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