Our 2021 Resolutions

One of the many things that makes Elsie Green a nice place to work -- we all possess a growth mindset.  We're always reading new books, learning new skills, and challenging ourselves in new ways.  Around October we start talking about our resolutions for the next year and share them with each other.  This year marks the fifth year we've shared them with all of you.  Sometimes with manifestation and a supportive group around you, you can  surprise yourself. 

Here are a few words from each of our team members on their resolutions for the coming year.  



My resolution this year is to practice courage.  Read more about that here >

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My resolution is to develop more meaningful relationships with those I love the most.  (Editor's note:  I like this one.  A lot.)



My word for the year is vulnerability. This is super hard for me. I tend to turn inward when things get hard or scary. This is the year I change that!

Read 50 books
365 days of meditation
Each year I set a goal for myself to reduce my carbon footprint on the earth - this year, I will be making/sewing five pieces of clothing (one pair of pants, one top, one dress, one jacket, one set of pajamas)

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My resolution this is year was a hard one for me.  As with most people, the past year was a difficult one for me. Covid, working while being a teacher, family emergencies.   I don’t do well with change and uncertainty and 2020 was full of both.   

This year I’m going to work on not be so hard on myself, we all need a little grace.

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My new years resolution for the upcoming year is to learn how to cook all of my favorite traditional Persian dishes. This would include all of my favorite rice dishes and stews, as well as desserts. I’m really looking forward to learning from my mom and being able to confidently cook all the traditional Persian recipes my brother and I were raised on.

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On to the Next


I will be grateful daily for the past and present.
I plan to stay positive, authentic and kind.
I will choose love over fear and negativity.

I will focus more on my strengths than my weaknesses.

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My guiding word for the year is Change.  I am a senior in high school, so in 2021 I will graduating (in whatever form that will take in the new year), I will be starting college and I will be moving away from home.  

One of my goals is to become more independent so moving away will not be such a shock.  Of course I can do my laundry, but I'd like to be better at cooking for myself and managing my money.  

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Like so many others, 2020 has been a tough year for me. A lot of unexpected changes and obstacles came my way, and it was often hard for me to adapt. In 2021, I want to work on mindfulness and being present. While 2021 is also likely to have its challenges, I want to take next year just one day at a time.

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2020 has definitely been a more "back to basics" kind of year for me (and most of us).  I have felt so much gratitude for the things
I have, as well as my health - during such a challenging year.

For 2021, I'd like to continue this theme of getting back to basics
but take it further.

I have a dream of planting a vegetable garden
which I will be doing this year. I'd like to have my feet on the earth or in the sand more.

I'd like to pause and enjoy more small wonders in the moment and be present.

Additionally, I will try to cook more new recipes without being intimidated by them.

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