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The Calm After the Storm

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The Calm After the Storm

The Calm After the Storm


I like to practice gratitude every day.   I am happy to be alive and healthy with a life full of people I love and great adventures. 

But 2019 was not my favorite year.  Along with all the high points, there was a lot of mental and physical clutter that weighed me down and held me back from achieving my goals of focus and flexibility for the year. 

After a challenging year, I find I am desiring simplicity and minimalism.   I feel that some simplification will lead to clarity, and give me some time and energy to spend on the things that really matter to me.  I feel it will clear the clutter. 

What simplicity means exactly will reveal itself to me as the year wears on.   I will make choices as they present themselves in favor of simplicity.  In the spirit of my resolution, I think I'll stop there.  Let’s see where this journey takes me.