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Here at Elsie Green, we enjoy taking a few weeks at the end of each year to think about our personal goals and aspirations for the upcoming year.  We believe strongly in challenging ourselves as well as challenging one another. It’s all about manifestation. So, here’s a few words from each of our team members’ on their resolutions for this upcoming year.
From JP:  2019 brought some of life’s most difficult challenges, but is ending on a different and better note.  For 2020, I am looking forward to continuing my journey to be the best that I can be for myself, for those that I care about, and most importantly, my family.
From Laurie: After a challenging year, I find I am desiring simplicity and minimalism.  I feel that some simplification will lead to clarity, and give me some time and energy to spend on the things that really matter to me.  I feel it will clear the clutter.
From Kelsey: My resolution this year is to only shop (clothing wise) in a sustainable way- either vintage or from small slow fashion brands.  No fast fashion or big box stores. Side note- I haven’t used a single disposable coffee cup this year which was my 2019 resolution!
From Shannon:  This new year is all about discovery for me.  I’m ready to open myself up to new adventures and am so looking forward to seeing where those adventures take me.  I’m ready to pick up some new hobbies, to travel to new places, and meet new people.  2020 is going to be a great year, I can just feel it!
From Terra: For 2020 I’m using a word to as my resolution.  Simplify. In this crazy world we live in, I think I really need some simplicity.  I hope to incorporate this into all aspects of my life. So if I don’t love it, it’s out.  Life is too short for anything else.
From Michele: My New Year’s resolution is to be in the moment and show appreciation to those around me more often.
From Dana: Every year, about this time, I look back on the year and weigh in on what was wonderful and what was less than stellar.  If I can make more “wonderful” happen, that’s usually my goal. Usually those moments or journeys are surprises or things that happened organically.  And most of the time, involve travel.  So, keep exploring places unknown.  Nurture family and friends in my inner circle. Nurture my newly turned 50 year old self in a more delicate way. Make more art and ice skate like the little girl that did.
From Raisa: In 2020, I would love to take more walks in the woods, swim more, dance more, and complete a quilt.  
From Emily: This year, I have a few resolutions I am aiming to hold myself to.  First, to practice patience with others and myself. Second, to be more conscious of my purchases.  Next, to be mindful of completing a task before beginning a new one. Fourth, to be okay with saying “no,” and last to dedicate more time to creative outlets.
From Scott: My main focus for 2020 is to finish all the little tasks my husband and I need to pay more attention to in our home.  Travel, of course, is also included in my new year plans. Italy, France, and England are on this years’ list.

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December 27, 2019 — Shannon Donley
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