One of the best parts about working at Elsie Green is that each member possesses a growth-mindset - continually striving to be better versions of ourselves - to therefore be better for each other.
From the Archive | The Art of Intention 2019
This year my resolution is to create more intentional and uninterrupted time for my Expanders - the friends or mentors in my life that I strive to be more like, that encourage and uplift me to be the best version of myself, and to appreciate and celebrate them in return - by inviting them over for a beautiful and nourishing cup of loose leaf tea, or to invite them on a hiking date in Muir Woods to spend focused time sharing thoughts and conversation without the constant ping of a cell phone, and to create more space for people to gather and speak about topics of value without judgement.
As most introverts (like myself) can relate to, when I’m low energy or I’m spending time in groups for significant periods of time, my typical programming is to run for the hills and spend days in isolation. However I have realized more and more lately that if I’m spending time with the right people - the expanders - I can often leave my time with others feeling more energy, clarity and inspiration than any amount of solo time can offer.
My hope for everyone is that we continue to find our tribe and that we work to carve out more time and space to love, appreciate and connect with those people. Time seems to become more precious with each passing year and I personally feel like one of the best ways to spend it is by expressing gratitude for the people in your life who allow and encourage you to be the best version of yourself!
Another one of the benefits of working on a small family-like team at Elsie Green is being able to support each other by holding each other accountable for our goals and personal challenges - we’re currently on a health kick of not allowing any treats into the office and minimizing the number of trips to the coffee shop we take (so far, so good). It is always important to check in with those around you so you can best support them through their goals! Here are some of the things our team will be focusing on in the upcoming year…
From the Archive | The Art of Intention 2019
 Focus and Mindfulness
“In the coming year, I plan to set my intention toward focus and mindfulness.  I would like to sit by the fire, listen to music and let my hands be idle. I would like to call my Mom when I'm not driving.   I would like to pursue activities that so occupy my right brain, I lose track of time and just find fulfillment in the moment.  I would like to finish a FlyWheel class without counting how many songs are left til the end of class.   I would like to take a walk with my 37 year old camera around my neck and shoot an entire roll of film.  In a sense, I want to re-learn the art of uni-tasking.  Instead of #fomo, I'll embrace #jomo.  This year I am looking forward to some quiet accomplishments that remind me of how nice it is to do one thing at a time and really enjoy it." - Laurie 
 From the Archive | The Art of Intention 2019
“My 2019 NY resolution is revolved around the word "focus."  More specifically, I plan to set specific & personal goals, write them down, and then make them happen.  I am the type of person that must write things down.  My brain is constantly running in a million different directions and as a result it can be difficult for me to remember things and concentrate on a specific task at one time.  I have gotten closer to mastering the art of focusing in specific settings, but when it comes to my personal goals I just can never seem to stay zoned in.  So, this year, I am making it happen!  Each month I plan to write down my goals and intentions and do a personal review at the end of every month (thank you @leefromamerica).  Here's to personal growth and allowing myself the time to focus inward.” - Shannon
  From the Archive | The Art of Intention 2019
Connection to Self 
“My practice for 2019 is about turning inward and seeing my true raw self; fully connecting my mind, body and soul and knowing how to get back to that place when I fall. Through consistent meditation, awareness, silence, and breathe, I hope to find that connection and also find that light of love and trust within myself again. As Osho said, ‘At the very center of our being is light. As we go away from the center, towards the circumference, darkness deepens. The further away we go from ourselves, the more we are in darkness; the closer we come to ourselves; the more we are light.’” - Emily
 From the Archive | The Art of Intention 2019
“Instead of a new year's resolution - my 2019 will center around "manifestation". You cannot sit around and wait for the things you want to happen. You must speak them into existence. 2019 is going to be my year!” - Kelsey
From the Archive | The Art of Intention 2019 
Health & Efficiency
“I am embracing personal health with renewed efforts at eliminating bad habits.  I am also committed to finding solutions to be more efficient at my desk, leaving more time for other important business goals.” - JP
 From the Archive | The Art of Intention 2019
“This year I want to try to balance my life better between work and family.  While last year was a great one for my personal growth, my family suffered.  I was always looking for the right balance, but I never found it.  I recently saw a quote pop up by Jana Kingsford that said ‘balance is not something you find, it’s something you create.’  That really spoke to me and I plan to do just that.  I will try my best to create balance in my life in 2019.” - Terra
Here’s wishing you all a year of intention, growth, happiness, health, community & creativity!
With Love,
Jordan & The Elsie Team
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February 12, 2020 — Jordan Shaw
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