Change of Heart
Resolutions are a big deal here at Elsie Green.  At the end of each year we spend lots of time reflecting on the last year and crafting our intention for the new year.  (read more here.)  
At the end of 2018, I felt the year was a success, but a whirlwind, and set my goal to be more present and focused in the coming year.  (read more here.)
Well, 2019 had some surprises for me.   Some good, and several not so good.  Just when I think I have some control over my life, I'm reminded that no, I really don't.   And I'm reminded of something I read somewhere -- "you can't control the wind, but you can adjust your sails." I think it's time to adjust my sails.  
In the past several years, I have gone from being very physically flexible to being much less so. Perhaps that is also a metaphor for my mind.  Maybe that's why life's curveballs have been harder than usual for me this year.  So I have decided that while focus and mindfulness are always good goals,  there's a more important and helpful intention for me for the balance of the year -- flexibility. 
I would like to be less like the oak and more like the bamboo, bending gently in the wind.  
Less like fire, and more like water, soft and flowing, adapting to the twists and turns I encounter, taking new paths or being momentarily interrupted, but always proceeding.
And I would like to be able to get through a yoga class without struggling to touch my toes.  
Yes, flexibility is the new goal.  Both physical and mental.  I think focusing on flexibility will help me reframe my thoughts on some of life's surprises and continue to move forward rather than getting stuck in the mud of resentment because things haven't gone the way I expected.  And reframe my body to be soft, pliable, strong and healthy so I don't feel 100 years old when I try to execute the triangle pose in yoga class.  
June 24, 2019 — Laurie Furber
Tags: inspiration