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A Year for Gratitude

I'm really looking forward to Thanksgiving this year.  In part because it's at the top of my list of favorite holidays.  But mostly because this seems to be a good year to celebrate the simple things I'm grateful for.  Health, growth, love, new beginnings. 
Laurie Furber
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Love, Team EG | Thanksgiving Traditions

Here at Elsie Green, we're like a little family. We love our traditions, like family lunch every day at the shop and having cookies & bookies together every month. It makes us feel connected and fills us back up.
Laurie Furber
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New Modern Farmhouse | Master Bath

We pulled the color palette and high contrast from the bedroom into the master bath, and pushed it one step further with a beautiful botanical wallpaper.  
Laurie Furber
coate residence master bedroom

New Modern Farmhouse | Master Bedroom

We used some of the Coates' favorite New York City hotels as inspiration for the bedroom.  
Laurie Furber
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New Modern Farmhouse | Kitchen

The kitchen was an exercise in flexibility.  We all wanted the kitchen to be defined by its own color palette, and to have some soul but the details changed as the room developed.   
Laurie Furber
coate residence great room

New Modern Farmhouse | Living Room

The main room of the new house was a unique challenge.  It was large, but the client wanted it to feel intimate.  The client wanted it to be bright, but not sterile.   And like most open plans it contained three zones:  living, kitchen and dining, but in this house they are all visible from the front door.  
Laurie Furber
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Elsie's Guide to Local Fall Destinations

While the Bay Area may not have the stunning foliage of New England or the chilly mountain air of Colorado in the fall, we have our own gems that make this a beautiful place to live at this time of year. We love pumpkin hunting, apple picking, and cozying up with autumnal treats to get us in the spooky spirit.
Laurie Furber
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Friendsgiving Makes a Comeback

We were all keeping our circles small last year, and for the most part Friendsgiving went by the wayside.  This just may be the year Friendsgiving makes a comeback.   But let's not over do it. The important thing is to enjoy the company of our friends, not to sweat in the kitchen. 
Laurie Furber
Set a Farmers Market Inspired Table for Your Next Gathering

Set a Farmers Market Inspired Table for Your Next Gathering

Create a tablescape that includes natural decorative elements from your farmers market haul.
Sepi Shokouh


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