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Beeswax Pillar - elsie green

Beeswax Pillar



Beeswax Pillar

  • Handmade in the US from natural beeswax harvested in the Pacific Northwest
  • These candles will not smoke or drip, they'll just burn and tunnel beautifully until you blow them out.
  • Cotton wicks are self trimming
  • Dimensions: 3"x 4", 3" x 6"

Why you'll love it

We love natural beeswax because it looks pretty, is long burning, and we just love that natural beeswax fragrance.  These pillars are made from natural beeswax collected from beekeepers in the Pacific Northwest, and are hand poured in small batches.  We use them in our home and we can tell you from experience:  they are well worth the price.

Please do not leave candles burning unattended.  That's a bad idea.

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