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A couple weeks ago, my parents and I finally made our very first trip to Yosemite together. After 20 years of living in the Bay Area, not a single member of our family of five had made the trip to see the most magnificent valley on Earth. We figured it was about time to do so, and we were not disappointed.

bikers at yosemite

It was extra special for me because it's the first time in a very long time I've had a vacation with just my mom and dad (Laurie & JP, our fearless leaders at Elsie Green). I was able to soak in all the natural beauty along with some good quality time with my parents, and I'm here to share my film photos from the trip with you.

mom and dad at cathedral beach

Take a scroll and go to @furbsonfilm on Instagram for some more Yosemite highlights.

 mom at tunnel view sunrise

yosemite tall trees

yosemite tiny trailer

dad at el capitan

the ahwahnee with mountains

yosemite falls zoom

half dome with trees 

yosemite tunnel view 

half dome with trees

 mist trail falls

yosemite sunflowers

 mountains with reflections

yosemite valley chapel

glacier point viewpoint

half dome from sentinel bridge

el capitan full view

 sunrise at tunnel view

tall trees in yosemite

crooked tree in yosemite

hikers in yosemite

yosemite valley view 

el capitan reflectingbutterfly at yosemite

yosemite swimming hole

el capitan at sunrise

mom walking in front of half dome

el capitan after the fire

mom with el capitan

mom walking at half dome

andie with half dome

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