Join us on our next virtual vacation as we share with you where we'll stay, what we'll see, and what we'll pack when we go.

 Let's explore one of our favorite regions in Italy: Puglia. 

Puglia is the southern region of Italy known as the "heel of the boot." Unlike the more commonly known tourist hot spots in Italy (think Venice, Rome, and the Amalfi Coast), Puglia still feels like a lesser known destination, a secret place that many travelers have yet to discover. There is magic in the air in Puglia; it has retained its authenticity and offers a truly unique experience for travelers.  

where we'll stay

 Book your stay at a traditional masseria and ease into the slow pace of the Puglian lifestyle. Check-in and then check out. 

Masseria le Carrube

My husband and I traveled to Puglia for our honeymoon and started our trip with three heavenly nights at Masseria le Carrube. Architecturally designed in the traditional Puglian style with white washed walls and bright interiors, the atmosphere is the perfect balance of lavish and relaxed. The masseria is also conveniently located a short ten minute drive from Ostuni, a charming town that lights up in the evening.

Masseria Moroseta and Moroseta Villas

Masseria Moroseta is at the top of our list for when we plan our next trip to Puglia. The white stone house is impeccably designed and beautifully situated atop a ridge from where you can enjoy views of the sea as well as Ostuni. Follow @masseriamoroseta on instagram and you'll immediately understand why we're so eager to check-in to this little slice of paradise.

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Palazzo Daniele

This 19th century palazzo has been beautifully redesigned, but still manages to retain its historic beauty despite its contemporary updates.

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what to see

Whether you are traveling to Puglia by plane or train, be sure to rent a car upon arrival. Having a car to explore the region is essential. You'll want to spend your days driving along the country roads from town to town, stopping along the way to jump into the sea when the sparkle of the mediterranean is too tempting to resist.

Make stops at each of these towns and allow yourself enough time to wander aimlessly. Stop often along the way for an aperitivo or espresso; take in the beauty of the villages while observing the interactions between the locals.

Polignano a Mare





Puglia offers the most beautiful beaches in all of Italy; plan to swim in the warm, healing waters of the Mediterranean everyday. 

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what to pack

1.Ciao Lucia Alessia Cotton Dress 2. Éliou Amore Beaded Necklace 3. Le Specs Air Heart Sunglasses 4. Éliou los & Rho Pearl Mismatched Earrings 5. Heaven and Earth by Paolo Giordano 6. Gucci Rouge à Lévres Mat Matte Lipstick in Goldie Red 7. Bembien Joanna Printed Scarf 8. St. Agni Bagu Woven Tote 9. Madewell Boardwalk Lace-Up Sandals

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