Each member of the Elsie Green team has beautiful taste and feels passionately about gifting and giving.

Read on for Kelsey's 2023 gift edit of her favorites past and present.   

collection of stoneware

What is your favorite Elsie Green gift to give?

I love to pick out a special stoneware piece to gift all of my people. My favorite part is picking out a specific size and shape for each person that will fit their style.

A nice EG gift for yourself.

A nice gift for yourself - I collect stoneware bottles. I have them in a variety of shades, shapes and sizes. Whenever I feel like treating myself, you can find me hunting through our collection at the shop.

What is the best Elsie Green gift you've ever received?

An extra large Louis Philippe Mirror from Laurie and JP. I use it every morning to get dressed in my sweet little apartment and always feel very glamorous.

The gift you can't wait to give because you know it's absolutely perfect.

I love to gift sets of vintage wine glasses that I hand pick myself. Each one is its own little work of art and I imagine my recipient thinking of me each time they reach for one.


vintage etched glassware

What is your favorite practical gift to give?

I am a big fan of stocking stuffer gifts. Collecting a curated selection of tiny stocking stuffer sized gifts is truly one of my favorite things to do during the holidays. One of my go to stocking stuffers is a pair of Jenni Kayne cashmere socks. Nothing is more luxurious.

Can you recommend a gift that is soft and cozy for a friend or family member who loves to get cozy?

My friend Sepi turned me on to this hot water bottle for the winter months. I fill it up with piping hot water and tuck it under my covers, making my bed the most coveted spot in the whole house.

What is a gift you like to give to the person who is impossible to shop for?

A book that is tailored to the recipients interests.

Share three books that you'd like to gift this year.

Remarkably Bright Creatures - this might be my favorite book that I have read this year.

Holly - Stephen King's newest novel

Fourth Wing - I am SO excited to read the second installment that was just released.

Everyone loves a good candle - can you share your favorite scent/candle to gift?

I am a sucker for seasonal scents. The spruce PF candle we carry in the shop is heaven on earth, but if you want something really special, this candle from Le Labo is the BEST. My friend Rachel gifted me one for my birthday last year and it will forever be the best scent for any season.

A gift for your friend who loves experiences or learning something new.

I cannot recommend a pottery class more. Last year I took an 8 week course and truly fell in love with the practice. It is a meditation of sorts and I always walked away from class feeling a little lighter.

Something indulgent that you'd like to gift for yourself. 

I already bought myself an indulgent gift - "The Chonk" clogs from Bryr. They are a very chunky version of their classic clogs and I have been circling around them for months. You should always spoil yourself every once in a while.

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A portion of all Elsie Green sales will be donated to Kelsey’s chosen non-profit National Breast Cancer Foundation in honor of her late mother.

Laurie Furber