A Visit to Storm King

Storm King has been a dream destination of mine ever since season 2 of Master of None dropped on Netflix. In the show, Dev and his Italian sweetheart Francesca go to the gorgeous upstate New York art park in the fall, and roll around in the orange leaves and observe all the beautiful art. As a lover of art and New York, I could not resist.

laurie walking at storm king

When my mom suggested that we stop in Hudson on our East Coast road trip, my first thought was to finally go to Storm King. I showed my mom some pictures (and my favorite Master of None episode), and we booked our tickets that afternoon.

laurie walking underneath art

Storm King Art Center absolutely lived up to the hype. Its sprawling grounds and towering art installations are obviously incredibly photogenic, but also are even more stunning in person. We wandered around all afternoon, took some pictures, and soaked in the upstate New York magic. 

red statue at storm king

Take a scroll for some of our favorite moments at Storm King.

 storm king statue on top of a hill

laurie andie mirror fence storm king

saul lewitt storm king andie

three legged buddha storm king

hanging statue storm king

 fountain and columns at storm king

storm king grounds

small statue overlooking storm king grounds

storm king meadows

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