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Pair of French Cafe Bowls - elsie green
Pair of French Cafe Bowls - elsie green
Pair of French Cafe Bowls - elsie green
Pair of French Cafe Bowls - elsie green
Pair of French Cafe Bowls - elsie green

Pair of French Cafe Bowls


Pair of French Cafe Bowls

  • Vintage.
  • Sold as an eclectic pair of white bowls.
  • Made of porcelain. 
  • Found in a farmhouse in Paray le Monial in France's Burgundy region
  • We'll choose a pretty pair for you. 

Why you'll love it

A cafe bowl is a necessity in a French kitchen. For a cafe au lait, a bowl of strawberries, or a bit of chocolate. It's a beautiful workhorse in the French pantry.

About French cafe bowls

French café  bowls, also known as café au lait bowls or French coffee bowls, are iconic vessels used for enjoying café au lait, a traditional French coffee drink.

Design: Café au lait bowls are typically made of porcelain or stoneware and have a classic and simple design. They are wide and shallow, with a wide brim and a relatively low height. The wide brim allows for easy dipping of croissants, pastries, or bread into the coffee.

Size: Café au lait bowls are usually larger than standard coffee cups, as they are designed to hold a generous serving of café au lait. They typically have a capacity of around 10 to 16 ounces (300 to 475 milliliters) or more, allowing for a substantial coffee-to-milk ratio.

Handle: Unlike traditional coffee cups, café au lait bowls often do not have handles. Instead, they are designed to be held by the wide brim or the sides of the bowl, allowing the warmth of the coffee to be transferred to the hands.

Traditional Usage: Café au lait bowls have been used in French households for generations to serve the popular breakfast beverage. The coffee is typically made by combining equal parts of brewed coffee and hot milk. The wide and shallow design of the bowl facilitates the mixing of the coffee and milk, creating a harmonious blend.

Versatility: While café au lait bowls are primarily used for serving café au lait, they can also be used for other hot beverages, such as tea or hot chocolate. Additionally, they can be used for serving soups, cereals, or desserts, making them versatile vessels in the kitchen.


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