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French Carving Fork - elsie green

French Carving Fork


French Carving Fork

  • Vintage.
  • Silver-plate.
  • Approx. 11" long.
  • We'll choose a pretty one for you.

Why you'll love it

A French carving fork is a lovely thing to have in your pantry. We use them for bread, meat, pies & cakes. You name it.

What is a carving fork?

A carving fork is a specialized kitchen utensil designed for holding and stabilizing meat while it is being carved. It typically consists of a long handle with two or more prongs at the end. The prongs are sharp and sturdy, allowing them to pierce and hold the meat securely.

Carving forks are commonly used when slicing or carving large roasts, such as turkey, chicken, beef, or ham. The fork is inserted into the meat, holding it steady while a carving knife is used to cut thin, even slices.

The main purpose of a carving fork is to provide stability and control during the carving process. By firmly holding the meat in place, it prevents it from moving or slipping, which can result in uneven or messy slices. The sharp prongs of the fork can penetrate the meat's surface without damaging or tearing it.

Carving forks are typically made of stainless steel, which is durable, corrosion-resistant, and easy to clean. Some forks may have a wooden or plastic handle for a comfortable grip.

In addition to its primary function in carving meat, a carving fork can also be useful for other kitchen tasks. It can be used to lift and transfer large cuts of meat from a cooking surface to a serving platter or to hold items in place while they are being seasoned or marinated.

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