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Moroccan Vase - the french kitchen

Moroccan Vase


Moroccan Vase

  • Hand made in Marrakech from recycled glass. 
  • Also suitable for use as a hurricane for your candles. 
  • Dimensions: 10" Tall | 5" Diameter. 

Why you'll love it

We love the pretty color of classic Moroccan glassware which comes from the perfect combination of recycled glass bottles, a little blue, a little green, a little clear...The prettiest blue you could imagine. We love this vase and think it would make the perfect addition to your kitchen. Choose a fresh bundle of blooms and viola! You have just created a beautiful masterpiece. 

About Moroccan glass

Moroccan glass, also known as Moroccan blown glass or Moroccan stained glass, possesses several distinctive properties and characteristics:

Colorful: Moroccan glass is renowned for its vibrant and rich colors, often found in shades of blue. 

Handcrafted: Traditional Moroccan glass is meticulously crafted using ancient techniques passed down through generations. Skilled artisans blow and shape the glass by hand, resulting in unique and intricate designs.

Translucent and Luminous: Moroccan glass has a translucent quality, allowing light to pass through it. When illuminated, it casts colorful shadows and imparts an ethereal ambiance to the surroundings.

Durable: Despite its delicate appearance, Moroccan glass is durable and long-lasting. It can withstand everyday use and remains resistant to fading or discoloration over time.

Unique Imperfections: Moroccan glass often displays slight irregularities like bubbles, ripples, or variations in thickness. These imperfections are regarded as part of the charm and authenticity of the handcrafted glass.

Moroccan glass reflects the rich artistic heritage of Morocco and continues to be cherished and sought-after for its unique properties and aesthetic appeal. Its presence adds beauty and character to any space it adorns

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