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New York, we love you.

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What can we say about the likability of this dazzling city that hasn't already been said? NYC truly has it all: art, culture, a thriving culinary scene, the theatre, beautiful green public spaces, architecture, and history. The energy and pace of Manhattan is unmatched, and the pulse of the city courses through your entire being for a period of time after each visit. There's just an overall feeling from spending a day walking around NYC that cannot be replicated by any other destination.

 My husband and I spent a few days in the city before making our way upstate for a summer retreat, and upon arriving in Manhattan by way of the train, we were instantly reminded of why we fell in love with New York on our first visit. It's the type of city you fall in love with over and over, and the experiences to be shared continue to tug at you from a distance, beckoning you to return over and over again.

Keep reading for where to stay, what to see, where to eat and drink, and where to shop on your next visit to New York. This list of recommendations was compiled from our most recent trip and is a small taste of what The City That Never Sleeps has to offer.

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We spent our four nights in Manhattan at The Ludlow Hotel, which put us right in the heart of the Lower East Side and within walking distance of a majority of the restaurants we wanted to dine in and shops that we wanted to see. Are the standard rooms on the smaller side? Yes. But it's commonly accepted that NYC hotel rooms are small. If you desire more space, splurge on an upgraded room. The payoffs for a stay at the Ludlow are the classically designed bathrooms(you've likely seen photos of them on Instagram or Pinterest), the cozy lobby which is an ideal destination for an early evening or late-night cocktail, impeccable design throughout, and location. On our next visit, I'd love to stay at The Bowery which feels like The Ludlow's ultra-chic older sister.

Where to Stay

The Bowery

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NYC boasts an endless number of restaurants that are certain to please any palette. Here are a few of my favorites right now:

Where to Eat and Drink

Roberta's (Brooklyn)

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While there are certain things one must see and do while in NYC, I urge you to leave time for aimless strolling and wandering around the city. It's the best way to discover an unexpected treasure; a temporary exhibit, live music in the park, a pop-up shop or restaurant.  Don't feel the pressure to do it all, because I can guarantee you'll be planning your return as you're preparing for your departure. 

What to See

Take a stroll and have a picnic in Central Park
Washington Square Park
See a show on Broadway(or off)
Walk or bike across the Brooklyn Bridge

New York Botanical Garden


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Shopping in NYC is top and the retail experiences are some of the best stateside.  Manhattan is home to some of the most well-designed and curated shops and we love to experience these retail spaces for inspiration and a bit of indulging.

Where to Shop

Casa Magazine
Iconic Magazines


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Stay tuned for a bit about our stay Upstate and a list of the best Airbnb's for your next visit.

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