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We love a bold wall, but white has always been our go-to for a clean, light foundation.  When in doubt, we always start with white.  We can layer on color later if we change our minds.  

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We have an affinity for the Benjamin Moore color palette for whites, as they cover all the bases.  Your local paint store can re-create a Benjamin Moore shade in whatever brand you like. 

We've narrowed down our absolute favorites, each for its own special qualities

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Super White to give your room a very bright, light bouncy quality.  This is good for rooms without much light, rooms with a loft-y feel, or as a base for an all white room to allow the subtleties of softer shades of white to shine.

chantilly lace benjamin moore

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Chantilly Lace to give your room the creamy quality of a Parisian apartment. 

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China White for rooms that are flooded with light so the white is not too blinding.  

To choose the best white for your room:
  • Pick a color you like and two similar colors on the same or surrounding color cards. 
  • Paint two sets of large swatches of each of the three colors.
  • Post one set of swatches in direct sunlight and one set in shadow.
  • Morning, mid-day and night, check your swatches and make a mark on the one you like best at each time of day, and have someone whose opinion you value do the same.

By the end, there will be a clear winner.

I'm a big fan of painting the trim to match the walls for a chic, clean look.

Or a completely different color for drama.  (That's another blog post for another day.)

But if you'd like just a touch of contrast, go one shade lighter or one shade darker on the color card.

Visit our pinterest page for inspiration (and a bit of courage) for your own white out.

Then don your coveralls and get to work transforming your room into a light-filled work of art.

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