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The Perfect Piece | Vintage Art

The Perfect Piece | Vintage Art

spindle bed with art

| image courtesy of @sister_interiors |

I love the way a single piece of art can pull a whole room or space together.

That perfectly chosen, singular piece has the ability to arouse intrigue; what makes this piece special? Where was it found? What is its significance? Whether it is large scale or a petite piece, an intentionally chosen piece of art can make a big impact on the final design of a room.

Scroll through this edit of images for a bit of inspiration and then head to the Elsie Green shop to find our perfect piece in the Elsie Green Art Galerie.

cream wall paint
vintage landscape art
vintage oil painting portrait
best cream wall paint
bathroom styling
marble fireplace
flamingo estate office

| courtesy of @adigoodrich |

Find your perfect piece.

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