As we begin to see the light at the end of the COVID tunnel, and our social lives start to normalise, there are certain gestures that we are becoming reintroduced to. One of those gestures is the hostess gift. Although everyone loves a simple bouquet of flowers or a bottle of wine, we think it is nice to add a little something special that will stand out and last in their home. Here are some of our favourite ideas. 

scented candle with matches

Bring flowers over in a nice vintage ice bucket, a bunch of branches in a glass pickling jar or a small plant in a stoneware crock. This takes away the extra work of the host trying to find a suitable vase, and leaves them with a timeless piece that will make them think of you.

blown glass pickling jar with peonies

You also gift them a couple of champagne coupes that you can enjoy together. One of my friends gave me a pair a few years ago, and every time she comes over I pull them out. It has become a tradition of ours.

champagne coupes with florals 

A good scented candle is always appreciated by a hostess, but so too are candlestick holders. Gifting candlestick holders is great, because you can always bring over beeswax tapers on the following visits so that they can always have something burning without running out. 

colorful taper candlesticks

Mugs are always my favourite little gifts to receive. You can never have too many mugs, and having a curated collection each with their own story is so special. 

 stoneware mug

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Isabella Furber
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