woman in white jumpsuit with wreath

I think all the time about how quiet Christmas was last year.  So many quiet moments filled the spaces where concerts, holiday parties and dinners out were the years before.  

We learned to treat our family members with as much fanfare as we treat guests for a dinner party, we used the good china on a Wednesday morning,  and we made online Christmas shopping a fun event with snacks, drinks and music. And spending most of our days in sweats and pajamas with fuzzy socks was quite nice.  

As we peek our heads back out into the world this year, I am excited to go to my favorite Christmas concert and I hope to be invited to a holiday party or two.  But there is something equally exciting about the tranquility of an evening with everyone home and no plans.   And I expect the contrast will make the events more fun and the quieter moments even sweeter.   

I hope you have a beautiful Christmas filled with memorable big moments and small.  And I hope you have at least a few days spent in your pajamas and fuzzy socks.  
Laurie Furber