Setting your table with ironstone will never go out of style. Ironstone dinnerware is incredibly durable, versatile and easy on the eyes. It is used to construct all types of ceramic pieces for both eating and serving. 


We love the simplicity of ironstone plates when setting our table. They are crisp, clean and allow us to accessorise with eclectic silverware, napkins and accents such as flowers. 


Ironstone mustard pots are great pieces to have accent your table. They come in various sizes that can purposed differently. For example, smaller ones are nice for a salad dressing, gravy or other sauces while the larger ones can be used to hold flowers in a center piece. 


Long ironstone serving platters such as this one are great for serving fish or meat. The great big bowls on the other hand can be used for roasted vegetable dishes or fresh salads.  

This is an example of an ironstone tureen. They are broad and deep oval containers with fixed handles and matching lids, making them perfect for serving soups or stews.


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