I am, by nature, a deeply nostalgic person. I love hearing stories about my parents childhoods and adolescent years. I cherish the photographs my dad captured of my mom before my brother and I were part of the family. Every time I visit my grandparents I spend hours pouring over family photo albums, convinced It wouldn't be a proper visit if I didn't flip through the pages that they so carefully and thoughtfully spent time putting together. I love holding the photographs in my hands, feeling the paper and examining the images closely - hoping to notice a new detail that I may have overlooked the previous time I practiced this ritual. These vintage family albums are treasures and the photographs captured on film from a time passed are magic. 

Over the last couple of days I've found myself wondering about how I will look back on this strange period of time when we had to stay inside and separated from our loved ones. Was I worried? Yes. Did I feel a nagging uncertainty? Yes. Was I able to unearth some silver linings during a time where it was so easy to be buried by the heaviness of it all? Thankfully, to this too I can say yes. Over the weekend we shared ways in which we find inspiration during the brief moments that we step outside, suggesting a simple way to bring joy into your home with foraged flowers and branches. Today, we'd like to suggest another way to feel inspired while we continue to shelter in place. Pull out your film camera(I will be using a disposable because that is what I have) and play. Snap photo's of your family, of flowers you see on your walk, a still life in your home, anything that may inspire you. When this storm has passed, develop your film and see the silver linings and moments of beauty you were able to capture and will be able to look back on for years to come.

In the meantime, we hope you might enjoy these beautiful moments captured on film by the talented ladies of Elsie Green.

We hope you find some comfort in creativity in the days to come.

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