We're self-proclaimed romantics at heart and embrace love in all of its forms. Whether it be romantic love between partners, a love nurtured between friends old and new, love solidified by familial ties, or love of self, we often find ourselves in awe of the ways that love can present itself. 

For our Love Stories segment, we chatted with our dearest friends about love felt, shared, and expressed in their lives.

Read more on love from our dear friend, Anika Murthy, a San Francisco based interiors stylist with a tasteful curator's eye.


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What makes you feel loved?

Quality time; nothing feels better than spending time and creating memories with the people that mean the most to me. Time is so precious and getting to share moments with those people makes me feel the fullest.

What is your favorite way to show or express love?

Thoughtful gestures! I love doing simple and small things for people that will make them smile or feel loved

We were so excited for you when you shared the news of your engagement! What are you looking forward to most about your special day?

Marrying the love of my life! And a day of celebrating our love with our closest friends and family.

What is your favorite form of self care and self love?

I can't think of a favorite! Buying myself fresh flowers, going on a long walk, writing a list of things I am grateful for, playing with my dog, or a face mask; all just a small list of things that give me the self care and love I need on a daily basis

What is something that has surprised you about love?

It can be found in so many shapes and sizes. I am always pleasantly surprised by the different ways one can show love to others, big or small!


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Anika's Gift Edit

What is an Elsie Green gift you’d like to give for Valentine’s Day?

As I mentioned above, my favorite way to feel love is spending time with my friends and family, especially when it comes to gathering around the table. Nothing fills me up more than sharing stories over a beautiful meal. I would gift a beautiful Elsie Green bread board or linens to use during a meal, creating special moments to remember.

A gift you’d love to receive?

I would love a beautiful crock or vase for the fresh flowers that bring me so much joy around our home!

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