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Le Dejeuner de Noel

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Le Dejeuner de Noel

Le Dejeuner de Noel

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Some of my well-traveled American friends and my European friends embrace a concept that I often forget about:  the Christmas lunch.  It's a simpler, more casual version of a dinner party, and often has a smaller guest list than a Christmas party.  

The menu can be as simple as a good loaf of bread from the bakery, some cheese and crudité.  The dessert can be figs and pears from the garden.  And the digestif can be a short pour of whatever is in the cabinet.  The important thing is to gather those friends or family members you don't often get to see and catch up in a setting that's not too frantic.

To make your party feel special, without driving yourself mad with preparation:  

Send your guests a paper invitation to your lunch party if you're feeling fancy. 

Dress yourself like a proper hostess and wear a set of silk pajamas to your lunch party.  

Set the mood with Bill Brown's Classic Disco Christmas Playlist.



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