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On the runway to what is the ultimate entertaining holiday, we have a choice:  we can stress out or we can relax.  I choose relax.  

People ask me all the time for Thanksgiving entertaining tips.  My best advice:  take a deep breath, put the phone away, and enjoy yourself.

I have a hard and fast rule that I never photograph my Thanksgiving table.  The pressure to make every moment of the holiday camera ready is just too much.  I put the phone in the bedside drawer and immerse myself in the moments.  The food, the company, the music, and the funny little things that happen when you're attempting to pull off the mother of all dinner parties.   


I have a strict rule against dressing up on Thanksgiving also. We show up in our cozy sweaters, leggings, track pants, fuzzy socks.  Whatever feels soft and comfy.   And stretchy.


We pop champagne, throw together a cheese board (our specialty), watch movies, tell stories, and work bit by bit on our feast.  


When the time comes, I set my pretty all-white table with vintage pieces from the shop or around the house, light some candles, put on some music, and we feast.  

If anything goes wrong, it's no matter.  The family is together, no one will go hungry, and most likely we'll have a  good story to tell later.  

 I'm wishing you a happy, mellow holiday and I hope you  make some memories you'll feast on all year long.  

Happy Thanksgiving friends!  XX LF

PS:  it really, really helps to have a  husband who is a pretty great chef.  


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