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Rather than make a long list of resolutions, I like to choose a word to guide me throughout the year.  For 2023, I've chosen joy.  

The last few years have been heavy.  And my goals and resolutions have reflected that heaviness.  This year feels like a time to take a breath and feel some lightness.  

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I generally live a joyful life and try to practice gratitude.  But sometimes I forget how lucky I am.  What are typically very pleasant days can feel like a grind, and weeks filled with commitments and deadlines can feel overwhelming.   But I am very fortunate.    

I'd like to find a bit of joy in each day, each week, each month of the year.  And when I feel myself being overwhelmed, I'd like to practice bringing myself back to joy and gratitude.   I want to celebrate my health.  I want to celebrate the wonderful people in my life.  I want to remember to find joy in a job that brings new experiences and new people to me every day.  I want to find joy in sharing my good fortune with others. 

Of course there will be serious pursuits, difficult moments and some sadness.  I hope that choosing joy in the in-between times will make those burdens easier to bear.   

And I hope that by choosing joy every day, I can spread some joy along the way.   

Laurie Furber
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