I love resolutions.  I always have.  The thought of having a fresh start on January first is an inspiration to me.  I can do anything I want, be anything I want, feel any way I want, as long as I set my intention, and follow through.  Resolutions put everything I desire within my circle of control.

It's been an intense few years though, and 2024 feels like a good year to give myself a break.  As I traveled Europe for six weeks this summer, I re-learned a lesson about the fun of Free Play, and the value of leaving space open for surprises.  Read my post European Dispatch | Blank Space  for the most dramatic example.  

A few months ago I was having a beautiful dinner in a beautiful place with my friend Carolyn and we were talking about resolutions.  Carolyn asked me "Do you ever just relax and trust that things will work out?"  Kind of, but also not really.  I was raised by parents who believe we are responsible for our own destinies and the only way to get what you want is to work hard for it.  So that has been my practice for most of my life. 

But reflecting on the past few years has reminded me that sometimes the magic happens in the in-between moments, and it's good to leave some white space for surprises.  

So while I'll always be who I am, and I feel a bit of panic rising just thinking about letting things be, who knows what delights await me if I am open to them?

I like the idea of heeding Carolyn's call to relax in 2024 and trust that things will work out.  And learning to trust myself to seize the moments as they present themselves.
Laurie Furber
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