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When I think about classic Parisian apartments, I think elegance, sophisticated whimsy, and bold statements. Wallpaper in the form of pattern, texture, and in many cases, a statement in color, skip to the top of my mind. Timeless and luxurious, the wallpaper choices made in the spaces in Paris are not updated all of the time due to changing trends, they often last a lifetime in a home.

Parisians have a knack for hitting the mark when choosing wallpaper that will work with the provenance of the furnishings they choose, and the period of the building they reside. It's that certain je ne sais quoi that they all seem to possess that make the rest of us wonder why we can't recreate the same feeling in our own homes.

What if I said that you can and you should? The key is to not overthink it. If a wallpaper makes you smile, it's probably the right one. The same way we think about placing art in our homes is the way we can think of wallpaper. Art doesn't have the match the colors and aesthetic of a room or a home. If it speaks to you then it should make its way into your home.

My favorite usage of a bold wallpaper is often in a small space, like a powder room, the interior of a pantry, closet or a small bedroom or study. 

And while we are unabashed Francophiles at Elsie Green, and certainly favor the bold and perfectly imperfect ways Parisians seem to throw their homes together in that same 'just so' way they throw their outfits together, I am certain you will find your own way with wallpaper in your home. Go forth, and cover those walls in every which way that makes your heart happy. Wether it is luxurious or whimsical, if you find a wallpaper that speaks to who you are, you can't go wrong.

Scroll through to see the hotels, wineries, restaurants and homes in our own backyard that have gotten it right, and shop my favorite wallpapers below.

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| image courtesy of Carly Kuhn |

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| image courtesy of Bess Friday |
| image courtesy of Bess Friday |
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