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Shawki Vintage Rug
Shawki Vintage Rug
Shawki Vintage Rug
Shawki Vintage Rug

Shawki Vintage Rug


Shawki Vintage Rug

  • One-of-a-kind vintage rug
  • 100% wool pile on cotton foundation
  • Dimensions: 3'10"  | 6'8"
  • Low pile: approximately 0.2"
  • Color palette: periwinkle blue, smokey mauve, sage gray

This rug is not perfectly straight. Its body curves slightly, showing the hand of the people who made it. It also indicates the process of time, as natural fibers respond to their environments differently, occasionally expanding or shrinking at different rates.



  • A series of repeating medallions fill out the field in balanced, ornamental details
  • Classic and timeless Persian motifs feature intricate patterns and floral designs, all framed by a border
  • A crosshatched fade from gentle wear over time produces a soft, distressed look, muting the original color palette

Region of Origin

Isparta of southwest Turkey is considered to be one of the major rug production centers in the entire country. Rugs from this area typically feature traditional Turkish motifs and floral designs.

Material Details

Wool is the most widely used fiber in Turkish rug design. Not only is it plentiful in supply, it’s durable, long-lasting, and soft—so it’s super comfy to walk and relax on. This wool pile is knotted onto a cotton foundation, another popular choice in rug design. The cotton used is rigid, strong, and provides a sturdy foundation that’s designed to last a lifetime—or ten.