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Beeswax Birthday Candle Set of 12 - elsie green

Beeswax Birthday Candle Set of 12


Beeswax Birthday Candle Set of 12


  • Hand made in the US from natural beeswax.
  • These candles won't smoke, they'll just burn beautifully until you blow them out (and make a wish!)
  • Cotton wicks are self trimming.
  • Please don't leave candles burning unattended.  That's a bad idea.
  • Dimensions: 3" high. 
  • Set includes 12 birthday candles in the style shown. 
  • In addition to our Pledge Partnership donation (click here to read more), our supplier donates  5% of the net profits from all candle sales to organizations dedicated to outreach, education, and sustainability efforts devoted to promoting sustainable beekeeping. 

Why you'll love them

We love natural beeswax because it looks pretty, is long burning, and it gives off a beautiful fragrance.  These birthday candles are made from natural beeswax collected from beekeepers in the Pacific Northwest, and are hand dipped in small batches.  We use them in our home and we can tell you from experience:  they're well worth the price.  

About natural beeswax

Beeswax candles are candles made from the wax produced by honeybees. Beeswax is a natural wax that is secreted by bees to form the honeycomb where they store their honey. Beeswax candles are prized for their natural, sweet fragrance and their clean, bright flame.

One of the main benefits of beeswax candles is that they are a natural, renewable resource. Beeswax is a byproduct of honey production and is harvested without harming the bees. It is also biodegradable and does not release harmful chemicals into the environment when burned.

Another benefit of beeswax candles is that they burn longer and cleaner than traditional paraffin candles. Beeswax has a higher melting point than paraffin wax, which means that beeswax candles burn longer and produce less soot and smoke. This makes them a healthier and more environmentally-friendly option for home use.

Beeswax candles are also known for their bright, warm flame and their natural, sweet fragrance. They produce a warm, cozy ambiance that is perfect for creating a relaxing atmosphere in any room.

About our wax

Our supplier strives to use the highest quality ingredients in our candles. Most of the beeswax we use is collected from Northwest beekeepers, including British Columbia. The crops in this region rank lowest in exposure to pesticides in North America and is the highest quality beeswax available.  Our supplier is also actively pursuing and  creating fair trade partnerships with beekeepers in several foreign countries. They are currently sourcing about 25% of their wax globally. They have hand selected the wax and run extensive testing to insure it is up to our high quality standards.

Beeswax gets its wonderful natural color and honey-like fragrance from the pollen and nectar of the flowers the bees are pollinating. The color often depends on what particular crop the bees are pollinating. Dark berries, like blueberries or blackberries, will derive a much darker, browner wax. Clover, however, will result in a brighter, golden tone. 

Read about our partnership with Pledge, an organization that allows us to donate a portion of each sale to ten causes, each one chosen by one of our team members. >