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Three Cups | The Moroccan Tea Ritual

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Three Cups | The Moroccan Tea Ritual


Three Cups | The Moroccan Tea Ritual


This time last year, I was in the Atlas Mountains outside Marrakech, enjoying the Moroccan tea ritual in the garden at Berberlodge.  While we can't go back to Morocco just yet, we think we'll re-create a tea ritual of our own at home to transport us back to those nice afternoons in the mountains.  

First, we need a good recipe.  We like this recipe from the NY Times.  

Jennifer's Moroccan Tea Recipe > 

And we need a teapot.  A proper Moroccan tea is an active infusion, made by boiling. It's not terribly traditional, but we love the Staub enamel teapot for making our mint tea.  It's heat proof, and it's pretty.  

And we need a proper tea glass.  Once the tea has cooled enough to pick up the glass, it's cooled enough to drink.  

Shop Moroccan Tea Glasses >

If you have some prep time on your hands, we make our favorite Moroccan cake Corne de Gazelle.  

And lastly, we need a quiet 30 minutes with nothing to do but focus on the ritual of making and drinking your tea.  

For the Moroccan Tea Ritual, at least three glasses are served, each one stronger than the previous one as tea continues infusing. A saying in Morocco states that the first glass of Moroccan mint tea is as soft as life, the second as strong as love, and the last as bitter as death.

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