The Crapaud Chair originated as part of the Second Empire style, often referred to as Napoleon III style in the mid 1800s. The style was known for being highly eclectic, combining both historical and modern elements in a new, and innovative way. One of the primary principles in the interior design of this era, was to leave no space undecorated, maintaining a strong emphasis on colour. In this case, less certainly was not more. 

pink crapaud chair

Comfort was also of high priority. Chairs were most commonly upholstered with fringes, tassels and luxurious fabrics and the design of the Crapaud chair was no exception.  Known for being low to the ground, with a thickly padded arm and back and a fringe that hung beneath the seat to the hide the legs of the chair. It was an extremely comfortable and practical design, that made it easy to get in and hard to get out of. To this day, the Crapaud chair and its unique charm lives on. 

Isabella Furber