Brass is a metal composed of both copper and zinc. The ratio of each of these metals to each other determines the shade of the brass, as it varies from a dark reddish-brown colour to a white-silvery yellow. 

brass candlesticks

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The creation and use of brass dates back to as early as 3000 BC in Syria and eastern Turkey. It was used to make various tools, weapons and everyday objects such as coins or candlesticks. The production of brass became more important and heavily relied upon during and post the industrial revolution. 

candlestick with flame

In 1832, Muntz invented a kind of brass known as 60/40 brass, enabling the production of cheap, workable brass plates. The introduction of this type of brass was revolutionary in the sheathing of wooden ships, preventing biofouling and worm attacks. As a result, trade and transport routes were greatly improved. 

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