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Free Style

If spring is about re-birth, re-committing ourselves to our goals and re-inventing ourselves, summer is about letting it be.  

Laurie Furber
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Laurie and Kelsey have each moved to smaller homes this year.  In the process of down-sizing, they've found a freedom in the ruthless editing that down-sizing requires. 
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Ten Summer Sandals on the EG Shop Girl Wishlist

| image courtesy of l'officieux |

The chic sandals the Elsie Green gals will be wearing all summer long.

Andie Furber
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Getting Lost in Morocco

For inspiration on our latest European shopping trip, we wanted to stretch ourselves outside our French comfort zone. 
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Linen for All Ages

Linen is one of those things.   It  signifies summer with a polish that tanks and denim shorts just can't manage.  And it's as beautifully chic on a woman of 20 as it is on a woman of 65.
Laurie Furber

Down Time | Hobbies with the Elsie Green Team

Nurturing hobbies outside work is essential when you work in a creative field.  If we don't take time to fill up the well of inspiration, it runs dry.  


Laurie Furber
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Summer Dresses and Their Dream Destinations

Recently, my fellow EG girl Sepi texted my mother and I a dress she was eyeing online, and asked us, "Does this dress want to go to Italy?" The answer was obviously yes. But then it started a longer conversation between the three of us, sending pretty summer frocks back and forth and dreaming of all the beautiful places we could wear them.
Andie Furber
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City Guide | Brooklyn

I like to think of Brooklyn as Manhattan's equally chic but a bit more understated twin sister. The food and culture is equally excellent, but with bigger closets and more room to breathe (but still no in-unit washer/dryers). While I still make the pilgrimage into Manhattan multiple times per week for nights out and fabulous dinners I can't afford, I've come to appreciate Brooklyn for all it has to offer.
Andie Furber
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City Guide | San Juan

To escape the grey New York winter, I recently traveled to San Juan, Puerto Rico. To say I was floored by the natural beauty, kind locals, and delicious food is an understatement.
Andie Furber
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Collectors at Heart | Design Books

| image courtesy of cup of jo |

All of us at Elsie Green are collectors at heart: we love to gather pretty things that make our house feel like a home. One of our favorite things to collect is design books. Not only do they look beautiful on your coffee table or stacked up next to your bed, but they are a constant source of inspiration. Whenever we need a fresh idea or just to look at something beautiful, we can always turn to our design library.

Laurie Furber
Checking In | Berber Lodge

Checking In | Berber Lodge

Here, a mere 30 minutes away from the electric energy of Marrakech, hidden between olive groves, a serene oasis awaits.
Sepi Shokouh


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