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Fashion After 50 | Laurie's Summer Linen Edit

Fashion in my 50s is liberating.  I know what works for my body, I don't feel compelled to tap into every trend, and I have a capsule of basics in my closet that I just to each season with a few key pieces.  
June 27, 2022 — Laurie Furber

Fashion After 40 | Sarah's Summer Linen Edit

I feel like the human form of a yin yang, because in the only season that I don't wear all black, my summer uniform often consists of white and various shades of off white. It feels like a fashion palate cleanser.
June 14, 2022 — Sarah Guenter
black swimsuit

Fashion for the Road | Our Summer Travel Packing Guide

Packing for summer travel can be stressful, or it can be fun.  We choose fun.  With some careful planning and a few new basics, your travel bag will come together in a flash.  
June 03, 2022 — Laurie Furber
girl in green skirt and sandals

Ten Summer Sandals on the EG Shop Girl Wishlist

The chic sandals the Elsie Green gals will be wearing all summer long.
June 03, 2022 — Laurie Furber
women in linen

Linen for All Ages

Linen is one of those things.   It  signifies summer with a polish that tanks and denim shorts just can't manage.  And it's as beautifully chic on a woman of 20 as it is on a woman of 65.
June 03, 2022 — Laurie Furber
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Finishing Touches | Sunglasses

Wardrobe gets all the hype, but we think sunglasses are that finishing touch that can take an ensemble from chic to super chic.  The Elsie Green girls range from having multiple options to choose from each day to having one perfect pair.  Read on for our favorites.  
March 11, 2022 — Laurie Furber
woman in striped pj's

Pajama Party | Our Favorite PJs

My mom, sister, and I (fellow Elsie shop gals) are no stranger to the matching pajama set. Every time one of us finds a good one, we order 3 sets so we can all match. Now that it's warming up, we're starting to swap our sweats and flannel for satin and linen sets we can live in all spring and summer long.
March 11, 2022 — Andie Furber
woman in blue sweater and linen shorts

Everything Yet Nothing to Wear | Capsule Wardrobe

When I get in a fashion rut, I like to go back to basics. I often get stumped when I have too many options and start overthinking. I can fall victim to the classic paradox of a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear.
March 10, 2022 — Andie Furber
woman with straw bag

Our Guide to Simple Spring Accessories

In keeping with our spring theme of detoxing, downsizing and focusing on what’s important, we think all you need are a few perfectly chosen accessories to complete your transitional ensemble:  a bag,  sunglasses and in true French girl fashion, a stack of pretty rings.
March 09, 2022 — Laurie Furber
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Got It In the Bag

One of my longest-standing debates with my little sister is over the power of the handbag. She leaves the house holding her keys, phone, wallet, and everything else she needs just in her hands and pockets. I, on the other hand, have been a handbag girl since I was 13.
March 09, 2022 — Andie Furber
woman in black trousers

Capsule Wardrobe | The Seasonless Trouser

The perfect trousers for casually sophisticated spring looks.
March 09, 2022 — Laurie Furber
woman in white bodysuit

Capsule Wardrobe | The Bodysuit

Our favorite and most flattering layering piece.
March 09, 2022 — Laurie Furber
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