Whether we are creating displays in the shop, in the photo studio, or in our homes, we follow a few simple rules:

1.  Choose a common element

Whether it's a color or a material, a common theme helps create harmony among disparate elements and helps your collection of small things appear as a bigger idea.  

2. Place the large things first

To keep your vignette looking like a lineup of small things, put the largest items on your shelves, then build around them with the smaller items.    Treat collections of like items as if they are one thing:  rather than think of 12 plates as 12 small things,  treat them as one big thing.  Same applies to stacks of simple glasses or a big crock of vintage silver.  

3. Odd numbers only

A bit of imbalance ultimately creates balance.  Sometimes showcasing a few single items gives a display power.  Other times, grouping things in groups of three, five, or another odd number creates the rhythm and balance your display needs. 

4.  Add a touch of personality

Once your lovely vignette is complete, add a few quirky items to personalize it.  That extra sprinkle of magic is the difference between your shelves reflecting your own taste, and your shelves looking like displays in a chic retail shop. 

Laurie Furber
Tagged: design