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We've worked with Philippine in various capacities for nearly 25 years.    At the moment, she acts as our sourcing agent in France and our design consultant, bringing new ideas to each European shopping trip.  When she's not working with us, she's a freelance art director and founder of C'est Beau Chez Toi, a home styling studio.  

Whatever she is doing, Philippine brings a Parisian sophistication and natural good taste to the project.  Take a peek inside Philippine's San Francisco apartment - it's the perfect combination of  her French finely tuned eye for detail and casual American style.


Tell us a bit about yourself and how your interest and career in art direction got started.  

I am a Parisian Creative Director living in San Francisco.  I grew up in a family of book publishers and was exposed to everything creative, arts, interiors etc. At a young age, I knew I would pursue a career in print media. I started in publishing and it eventually evolved into my passion, styling and art directing for photoshoots.

How would you describe your design aesthetic?

I would describe my design aesthetic as casual, sophisticated and minimal.

From where do you draw your inspiration ?

My inspiration is drawn from many aspects of my life.  It comes from my upbringing in Paris, my family, talented friends and my travels.  It's the people and beautiful places that I visit that inspire me creatively.

Your home is filled with a unique edit of one of a kind finds. What is your favorite piece in your home?

I have a few prints by photographer Jean Loup Sieff that I treasure. But if I had to pick one, it would be a family portrait that he did. 

We love rituals at Elsie Green - Do you have a ritual for starting your day or centering yourself to make space for the creative process?

I wouldn't say I have a morning ritual to start my day.  I do like to make time to enjoy a light breakfast.  A fresh baked croissant, chocolate to be exact. You can say it reminds me a little of Paris.

Since you bought your apartment 7 years ago, what have you learned about yourself while putting it together?  

I've learned that having a home doesn't mean you only have one style.  My home is an extension of my style, it constantly changes in small ways. I like to edit and refresh my home on a regular basis. This allows my creative style to grow.  Since I split my time between France and San Francisco, I often find myself rearranging rooms prior to leaving. This gives me a new perspective on my home interior upon my return.

You've recently shifted some of your attention to home staging.  Tell us about your favorite project and what you bring to the process.  

I started c'est beau chez toi as a love for editing and organizing homes.  Anytime I start a project on a home, I think of how I could improve the room flow and what changes I could make.  

One of my favorite project to date is working on Leigh Beisch's home.  We have restyled her home throughout the years and it just looks better every time. I first like to re-envision the interior of the home. Work on renovation ideas with the homeowner, paint colors, simplifying, organizing, editing and adding a few new pieces to create a more inspiring interior. 

Leigh and her family are artists and art collectors. Every visit means incorporating new work they have collected or created into the already inspiring space.

Share your favorite cafe, restaurant, and shop in your neighborhood with our readers. 

Share your favorite cafe, restaurant, and shop in your neighborhood with our readers. 

I live in the Potrero Hill area in San Francisco.  We are lucky that our neighborhood offers everything that we love, sunshine, incredible views and delicious food.  Some of my favorite spots are le Marché Cézanne for groceries if you need ingredients to make a delicious meal.  If you are looking for dining spots, I would recommend Dumpling Time for dim sum, Umi Sushi for Japanese food (also a great spot for meetings over lunch) and Louie's Original for a delicious burger.  All 3 places are casual dining.  If you like to get some exercise in, I would recommend Barrios. It's a great workout.  Followed by a light lunch and juice at Parker.  

With visitors we like taking walks around the neighborhood, taking in the the breathtaking views and local architecture. We make our way down to Crane Cove Park and enjoy a meal at the Ramp, overlooking the bay, an old time favorite.

For a gift or a literary recommendation, I like Christopher's Books.  

All photography by kelsey schmidt for elsie green, styling by philippine scali
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