The first evidence we have of the champagne coupe was in a painting by Jean-François de Tory in 1734. The painting depicts a feast, in which one person is popping the champagne while the rest wait with their coupes at the ready.

It is said that the shape of champagne coupes were modelled after the breast of Marie Antoinette's, but these rumours have never been confirmed. 

Since their introduction, champagne coupes have remained popular and have circulated in and out of fashion over the years. The 1920's can be considered another golden era for champagne coupes. If your first thought is the Great Gatsby or flapper girl, your second thought can only be, champagne coupes.  

Photo Essay I Champagne Coupes

Cheers! Champagne Coupes 

Not just a Champagne Coupe


Laurie Furber