paul bert flea market paris

For the first several years after we started Elsie Green, JP and I had kids at home, so one of us would travel while the other held down the fort at home.  It worked very nicely, but we never had the opportunity to shop the French countryside together. 

Now that Andie and Jack are living their lives in other cities, and Katie is in college, we felt like the winter trip last year was our chance to finally experience an Elsie Green shopping trip together. 

We both looked forward to visiting our favorite vendors and sharing our favorite local spots in Paris and Lyon with each other.  

We started our trip with a quick three days in Paris

hotel des academies et des arts paris

Day 1

Arrive Hotel des Academies et des Arts in in Montparnasse

Walk to Jardin de Luxembourg for a Cafe Gourmand and some fresh air after a long flight.  

jardin de luxembourg paris

Walk to Notre Dame to see the re-construction of the cathedral and the night life around it.  A highlight was a team of roller disco performers in the square.  

allard paris

Delicious and very traditional dinner at Allard and a nice walk home past Liberté.  File away for a visit for petit dejeuner later in the week.  

liberte bakery

paul bert serpette paris

Day 2

Metro to Paul Bert Serpette at Puces de St. Ouen 

paul bert serpette paris

paul bert serpette paris

paul bert serpette paris

paul bert serpette paris

A long walk to Merci and a stop at Atelier Brancusi for Laurie

A good book back at the hotel for JP

atelier brancusi paris

pompidou center paris

street art paris

Day 3

A quiet morning and rainy walk to Rue Mouffetard, the oldest street in Paris, to collect treats for a lobby picnic back at the hotel.  

rue mouffetard paris

A visit to Grande Galerie de l'Evolution, one of Paris' most beautiful museums

galerie d'evolution paris

 Then it was time to head to Lyon and start shopping.  It was fun for me to see the markets and shops through JP's eyes, and it was fun to see what little details he noticed that I missed and vice versa. 

We both agree that this container is one of our favorites, filled with the perfect combination of treasures that represent each of our unique tastes.    Highlights were visiting our favorite market together and visiting Domaine Celadon in Ardêche on our way to Avignon. 


domaine celadon

domaine celadon

domaine celadon

domaine celadon

domaine celadon


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