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A Morning with Marigold

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A Morning with Marigold

We recently spent a cool winter morning catching up over a cup of coffee with our favorite San Francisco florists and friends, Gena and Aubriana of Marigold. While chatting about the opening of their new cafe, the co-owners of Marigold shared a bit of insight behind what inspired the design of the space, what shouldn't be missed on the menu, their personal coffee rituals, as well as what an ideal Valentine's Day looks like for two florists who's primary hope for the day is to spread a bit of joy and love with whimsical floral arrangements. 

Tucked around the corner from the Marigold flower studio and shop, it's no surprise that Gena and Aubriana have created another undeniably romantic space that is full of charm. Every design detail is intentional and inspiring; inviting you to slow down with a cup of coffee, a good book, a delicious pastry and the surrounding beauty of the space.

Keep reading for our chat with the Marigold gals and then stop by the Marigold Café for a hot cup and a dose of design inspiration. Don't forget to pop into the flower shop for an arrangement to brighten up your home.




Congratulations on the opening of Marigold Café! How does it feel to have brought this vision to life?

It has been a long time coming and feels so good to finally be open! The café being incorporated into the flower shop was always part of our vision for Marigold and has been a dream come true to see it come to fruition. 

What was your vision while creating the space? Was there something specific that inspired the design?

We wanted to create a space that felt warm and welcoming with a touch of femininity. We drew inspiration from old-world architecture and hoped to evoke the feeling of being transported to somewhere else while in the space. We were inspired by cafes while traveling in Mexico City, Paris, and Copenhagen and fell in love with the beauty and ease of these timeless places.

What are you hoping to bring to the community with the opening of this new space?

Our hope is to bring the community together to enjoy two of our favorite rituals–coffee and flowers–and celebrate the comfort and joy they bring us every day.

What is the connection between coffee and flowers for you?

They really are the perfect pairing and allow us to slow down and appreciate something special that isn’t necessarily an essential part of our daily routine, but adds so much to our overall wellbeing. 

Tell us about your personal coffee rituals.

G: My husband Andrés makes coffee for us every morning at home. It’s a slow and intentional way for us to start the day, even on those early market mornings, we make a point to share a cup together. Since having our baby boy last summer, we’ve taken this ritual into his room and ease into the day watching him play over a warm cup.

A: I’m an early riser so I’m the coffee maker in our house. I always bring a cup of coffee to my husband, usually still in bed and we enjoy the quiet hour before the kids wake up, sipping coffee from bed, watching the sunrise. 

Share something on the menu at Marigold Café that can’t be missed.

Our rose vanilla latte has quickly become a favorite among many of our regulars. Our menu offers classic espresso drinks and delicious single origin coffees from Portland-based Heart roasters, as well as a rotating seasonal drink menu that changes every few months. Currently on the menu is a cara cara caramel latte, and we have some exciting new drinks in the works for Spring.

How do you like to celebrate Valentine’s Day? 

We are always pretty busy at the shop on Valentine’s Day, so we don’t usually have too many personal plans, but we love being part of a day that’s filled with so much love. The energy is palpable and we really enjoy witnessing the love between couples, friends and those buying flowers for themselves. And on a sentimental note, we signed the lease to Marigold on Valentine’s Day, so this day has an extra special meaning to us. 


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