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A great theme of discussion here at Elsie Green is how we can grow, how we can better ourselves, how we can become more well-rounded, how we can be better global citizens. And, as the year tip-toes to a close, the topic naturally turns to what we resolve to change or do better in the following year. A set intention for your personal hopes and goals for the upcoming year.

This year, however, we have each decided to manifest on one word for 2024. The intent is to keep this single word as a guiding light for the year, a word we can each have as a concise and potent focus, whispering motivation and inspiration when we need a little reminder or nudge in the right direction. Words have power.

Read on for our teams words of intent for 2024.

Laurie - Trust.
JP - Discipline.
Kelsey - Movement.
Andie - Creativity. 
Sepi - Knowledge.
Michele - Gratitude.
Sarah - Destiny. 
Anna - Presence.
Erin - Serenity.
India - Cherish.
Katie - Adventure.

Paulina - Balance.

From all of us at Elsie Green to all of you, we wish you a wonderful, healthy and joy filled 2024.


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December 26, 2023 — Sarah Guenter