Here at Elsie Green, we have cultivated a culture of extreme inspiration - good books, delicious recipes, photographs, films, and any and everything in between. 

We love a good round-up and thought we'd share all of the things we are crushing on this month that give back to Mother Earth in someway. 

If anything, we hope this monthly round-up of some of the things our shop girls have been obsessing over serves as a reminder to slow down, be present and enjoy the beauty in the simple things.

reclaimed wood furniture vintage sustainable custom built to order

french dining table reclaimed wood bess friday light pendant kitchen minimal

favorite athleisure brand girlfriend collective

girls dancing green workout attire outfit

 clean beauty brand reccomendation ilea sustainable

sustainable clean beauty products ilia

 rawson madewell vintage collab

rawson vintage chore coat blue woman madewell

re/done vintage denim

 vintage denim re/done

zero waste grocery guide

zero waste grocery guide napkins canning jars

zzero voc paint greenguard

clare green paint greenguard stairs art bench

kitchen shop preserving canning fermenting traditional preserved

preserved kitchen shop oakland canning fermenting jar


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