For 2023, I've decided to lighten up a bit and choose joy.  So in that spirit, this month's edit is a round up of things that have brought me joy this month.  

trees in the snow

|image courtesy of this is glamorous|

Planning a trip to visit Andie in NYC in early December.   I like to live in the moment, but I've very excited to see New York in all its Christmas glory so I keep jumping ahead to work on our itinerary.  

A walk to Broncos stadium with Jack listening to him talk about his neighborhood, his friends, and his life in Denver.  

tulip table with tulip chairs

|image courtesy of Philippine Scali|

A lovely quiet dinner with Philippine. 

An event at my friend Kendra's studio that turned out to be a silent disco.  Kendra invited me a few months before and didn't really say what it was going to be, and I didn't ask.  It was so much fun to just cut loose for a few hours. 

flower piano 

Flower Piano in Golden Gate Park.  The most lovely venue for musicians of all ages and abilities.  Kelsey, Jackie and I packed a picnic, put down a blanket and lounged in a shade while music from all corners of the park wrapped itself around us.  

Jones Road Beauty Miracle Balm. A touch of this on my cheeks and I've been told three times in the last ten days that my skin is glowing.  

A two hour FaceTime call with Katie just living our lives together. 

big branches on round danish table

These crazy branches that I bought at my favorite flower shop in Piedmont. 

blue hill farm tarrytown

A visit to Blue Hill Farm in Tarrytown, NY

sequined dress

|image courtesy of anthropologie|

This fun dress that I bought for my friend Pallavi's wedding.  

philip johnson glass house

A visit to Philip Johnson's Glass House in New Caanan, CT.  A quote from the architect - "I have the most expensive wallpaper in the world"- captures perfectly the beauty of the floor to ceiling glass walls surrounded by landscape.  

Laurie Furber
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