As we were deciding where to go for some inspiration at the end of our most recent Elsie Green sourcing trip, my mom kept coming back to the idea of an oasis. For all of us during lockdown, our homes have been our sanctuaries. For a lot of the last two years, for me at least, my home has been my safe space. And as a result, I've put a lot of thought and work into making my home as comfortable and peaceful as possible. 

motorcycle in kasbah tangier morocco

My mom and I are both big fans of Morocco, but wanted to see a new side of it. Inspired by Mimi Calpe, a small secret garden villa inside a bustling city, we decided to visit Tangier. Compared to the chaos of Marrakech, Tangier was a seaside gem. We were inspired by its white walls, coastal views, and calmer energy, and were hoping after a few days there, our wells would be full of inspiration we could bring back to Team EG.

cat in old tangier

We were not disappointed. Tangier and our hotel, Mimi Calpe, reminded us to slow down and enjoy each part of our day. We had long, indulgent meals, passed hours lazily by the pool with books in hand, and went on long walks through the beautiful city.

orange juice stand in tangier

Take a scroll through our guide to Morocco's hidden gem, and add it to your travel wishlist immediately.

tangier coastline morocco

tangier skyline morocco

Where to Stay

Mimi Calpe
Hotel Nord Pinus
La Tangerina
Villa Joséphine

tunnel in kasbah tangier morocco

Where to Eat

Casa d'Italia
Le Saveur du Poisson
Cafe Hafa
Le Cappuccino
El Morocco Club

tangier morocco hillside

What to Do

Cave of Hercules
Cape Spartel Lighthouse
Ferries to Spain
Cinématèque de Tanger
Fondouk Chejra
Librairie des Colonnes
Explore the Medína

cave of hercules africa map tangier morocco

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Andie Furber