alicia lund

|Image courtesy of Alicia Lund|

We don't mean to brag, but we think our friends have beautiful taste.   

Alicia Lund, curator of her blog of the same name, has a chic, classic style that combines all the things we love:  design, fashion, beauty, food, music.  And cute babies.

We asked Alicia to share her favorite things from the Elsie Green collection that have that je ne sais quoi she looks for when buying for someone special.

Your favorite Elsie Green gift to give?champagne

A Pair of Vintage Wine Glasses!

Something nice you’d love to gift for yourself?ice bucket

I would love this gorgeous Cut Glass Ice Bucket for our bar or this beautiful striped throw.

The best Elsie Green gift you’ve ever received?crocks

A large Stoneware Crock that I use as a vase next to our fireplace.

The gift you can’t wait to give because you know it is absolutely perfect for the person receiving it?


I love these Alex Marshall mugs so much. They always make the best gift!

Laurie Furber