If you're sensitive to your surroundings, consider sprucing up your personal work space to clear your mind of distractions and allow room for creativity and productivity.

The EG team loves a design challenge, so we've taken quite a bit of pleasure in creating work spaces at home that suit our needs. We're firm believers in creating a personal space of your own where you can focus on whatever task may be at hand. Whether it be a room that already serves as a home office, a console table repurposed as a work surface, or even a dining table, we've made small changes within our existing environments to create a place at home to work and stay inspired.

Keep scrolling to take a peek at the EG teams at-home work spaces.

A Peek Inside | EG Home Offices

Laurie's Work Space

"My work space is always evolving, but the one constant is the inspiration board in my office that holds a collection of images, notes, and fabric swatches for design projects. "

A Peek Inside | EG Home Offices

Kelsey's Work Space

"My work from home station is my dining room table and it serves as a work space for both business and exploring my new hobby. When I am not working on Elsie Green projects, it is covered in thread, fabric scraps and sewing tools - I am currently working on sewing my first top!"

A Peek Inside | EG Home Offices

Terra's Work Space

"My at home work station is my own little personal sanctuary. I like to regularly update my inspiration board with my favorite things and always keep a scented candle lit to create a relaxing ambience that allows me to work with a clear head."

A Peek Inside | EG Home Offices

Sepi's Work Space

"True to city living, our at home working space serves multiple purposes: an office space for my husband, a miniature library, a display case of treasured items, and the perfect corner for storing my bike. The built-in shelves behind his desk(or rather our lucite console table) are filled with a few of my favorite things - my grandmothers vintage tea glasses and a collection of textiles from past trips to Iran. Out of sight are additional built-in shelves that are filled with our favorite books."

A Peek Inside | EG Home Offices

Anna's Work Space

"My husband and I recently bought a home and i've been having so much fun organizing our space and setting up a special work from home station for the both of us to work from. I can't wait to get this vintage portrait of my grandmother hung on the wall."

Looking for more home office inspiration? Take a peek at our Pinterest board dedicated to inspiring work spaces.

Sepi Shokouh
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